What you'll need before creating your brochure 

Whether you choose to go strictly digital or prefer our digital+print package, here’s what you’ll need to create your brochure:

High resolution photos (required)

  • For best results you must use high resolution images. 
  • Each photo should be at least 4-5 MB each. Click here to learn more about file sizes.
  • You'll need 20 photos for a bronze, 25 photos for a silver, and 30 photos for a gold brochure.

Copywriting (required)

  • Your property’s story starts with the right words. 
  • You’ll want to touch on your home’s features, the neighborhood, and anything else that makes your listing stand out.
  • Our bronze, silver, and gold brochures accommodate different amounts of copy. Browse our designs to see how much text you'll need..

Video footage (optional)

  • Put your property in motion with enticing video.  

Panoramas (optional)

      • Give your buyers a truly immersive panoramic experience.

Missing something? Our preferred partners are here to help. Click here to contact us.

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