Using the STUDEO Design Wizard 

After selecting your desired design, you'll reach Step One of the Design Wizard.

The STUDEO Design Wizard will guide you through creating your brochure in three easy steps.  For your convenience, the Design Wizard will automatically save your results. 


This is where you'll enter basic information about your property including the street address, price, number of bedrooms/ bathrooms, and MLS number.  You can skip the price and number of bedrooms/bathrooms if you don't want them to appear on your brochure.  Once you're satisfied you can proceed by clicking Continue to Step 2 on the bottom of the page.


This is where you'll add your text and photos.


  • If you don't like a particular photo, replacing it is as easy as dragging a new photo from your computer and dropping it on top of an old one.  


Make sure you add text and photos to all the spaces on every page of your brochure.  You can access each page of your brochure by clicking on the corresponding page button above the brochure image.

Once you're satisfied with your results, you can proceed by clicking Continue to Step 3 on the bottom of the page.


This is where you'll review your results before ordering your brochure.  Here's how to ensure everything is in order:

  1. Click on the update preview button to make sure what you're viewing is up to date.  This may take a minute or two, but you don't need to wait around while the system is running.
  2. When your pages are ready, click on each page one at a time and make sure everything looks as desired.  Don't worry, that STUDEO watermark you see all over your pages won't appear in your digital brochure or print version.
  3. Read our terms and conditions and make sure you check the approval box before clicking on Continue to Checkout.

Need to share your work with a client or colleague before purchasing?  Learn how here.

You can return to previous Design Wizard steps by clicking on the desired step in the menu bar.