Understanding file sizes

It's important to always use high quality images when creating your brochure. Your photos shouldn't just be beautiful, they have to be the right size. Larger files hold more information and will look great even after they are manipulated and printed.   

    • Make sure the files you drag and drop into the STUDEO Design Wizard are 4-5 MB (megabytes) each. 
    • When sending photos for your digital brochure, please use files that are 1-2 MB each.  
    • Your professional photo should be between 800 KB (kilobytes) and 1.5 MB.

Determining File Size

On a Windows PC:

    1. Locate your file. 
    2. Right-click your file and select properties.
    3. You can find the file size on the general tab.


On a Mac:

    1. Locate your file in the finder.
    2. Select your file by clicking on it.
    3. Press the and I keys on your keyboard at the same time to launch the info window.
    4. You can find your file size beside the file name.