Using Dropbox or Google Drive to submit your photos, videos, and panoramas 

Sharing photos, videos, or panorama files from your dropbox or Google drive is easy.


    • Visit and click Sign In if you aren't already logged into your account.
    • Find the zip file or folder for your property.
    • Move your mouse cursor to the righthand side of the row to reveal the link icon and click on it.

    • Enter in the "Add names or email" box.
    • Enter your property's street address in the message box and click send.

Google Drive

  • Visit and sign in if you are not already logged in to your gmail account.
  • On the left-hand side, click on "Shared with me" option and select the folder you need to share. 
  • On the top-right hand corner, you will see a share icon.

  • Make sure that the link is public and type in "" 

If you belong to a brokerage, you can submit the link right after submitting your order in Project Assets.

Once you click "Update Assets" your links will be saved. A Studeo representative will reach out to you if there are any problems with your links. 

If your photographer or videographer has provided you with a dropbox or Google drive url, please submit your link or email your link to as soon as possible.