Choosing the best design for your listing 

There's a STUDEO design that's perfect for your property.  Learn about the benefits of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum below.


Created to unlock your property’s potential, bronze is the perfect pick for any starter home. This simple elegant design offers ample space to show-and-tell your home’s story. Start welcoming first time buyers with open arms and help them envision the dream of ownership.


Lay the perfect foundation for your listing with this stylish contemporary design. Developed to get buyers dreaming of possibilities, silver is the ideal choice for your family home. The versatile layout makes it easy to capture the vibrancy of urban living or reveal the serenity of suburbia. Start conveying the comforts of home and welcoming buyers to the neighborhood.


Ignite passions with this sophisticated design. Fashioned to bring your luxury listing to the fore, gold is as distinctive as your property. Speak volumes with this compact storybook that reveals all the grandeur and beauty of your address. Immerse buyers in the work of art that is your home and help them actualize their aspirations.


Crafted to indulge discerning tastes, platinum is ideal for curating your luxury listing. Guide your guests through a gallery exhibit rich in possibilities as you cultivate their desires. Cater to their sensibilities while placing splendour in their hands. The gallery never closes with our immersive platinum digital brochure featuring slideshows, virtual tours and videos in an equally elegant package. Gracefully rendered on any tablet, computer or smartphone, it’s the best way to reach your audience anywhere.

Choosing a design is also a matter of personal preference. Here are some additional points to consider: 

Let the price of your listing be your guide.  Our bronze brochures are recommended for properties priced below $500,000.  Silver brochures are suitable for properties priced between $500,000 and $1,000,000.  Gold brochures are ideal for properties priced between $1,000,000 and $2,500,000.

Images do matter. You’ll need to have enough great photography to fill all the available spaces in your brochure. Don’t forget you’ll need extra images for the slideshows that appear in your digital brochure. You generally need 20 photos for a bronze, 25 photos for a silver, 30 photos for a gold brochure, and 40 for a platinum. Click here to learn more about image requirements.

It doesn’t take a novel to tell a great story. While a custom six page gold brochure with copy that’s pure poetry might be perfect for your massive mansion, your compact condo might call for something a little less comprehensive.

The novelty might wear off, but will it fit in your handbag? Our gold designs are a great departure from standard 8.5" X 11" designs. Homebuyers love putting the portable package into their purse and taking it out to show their friends even more.

Do you plan on going strictly digital? While most STUDEO customers prefer our digital+print packages, the digital only option is available with our bronze and silver designs. If you don't want print, you can't go for gold or platinum. Learn more about how our digital and print packages work together.

It’s easy to dive right in, play around and see what works best for you. You’ll be able to experiment and preview your design before purchasing it, so start  creating right now.