Digital & Print Synergy 

Although STUDEO gives you the option of going strictly digital, choosing our digital+print package will let you take full advantage of our proven platform. There’s simply no better way to create and distribute marketing collateral for your property—with measurable results.

Start The Presses

Stop slamming the door shut after your open house.  If you’re already investing time, money, and effort on photography and home staging, why send your potential buyers home empty handed or, worse, with a bad brochure? How do you expect to be remembered when buyers see a dozen houses over the course of a weekend? STUDEO’s print brochures help you stand out after the open house. 

No matter which tier you choose, you can count on compelling designs, rich narratives and vivid images to tell your home’s story.  We print our brochures on premium silk cover stock using a high definition press for a luxurious feel that your buyers will want to keep and share. It’s never been easier to make the right memories stick and leave your buyers dreaming of possibilities. 

Your Doorway To Digital

Give your open house visitors the complete digital picture. Anyone can scan the handy QR code on the back of your brochure using a smartphone to instantly launch your digital brochure. All packages also include a domain name for easy access from any internet browser.


Set Dreams In Motion Digitally

STUDEO’s digital brochures don’t just stand out. They use interactive storytelling to create immersive experiences for homebuyers.  Why make your buyers hunt around for content that’s unappealing and disorganized?  Captivate your audience instead with slideshows, virtual tours, and dazzling video in an inviting elegant package that does your property justice. Thanks to full smartphone and tablet compatibility, it’s easy to grab people’s attention on the go or wherever they are.

Easy Sharing. Measurable Results.

Our digital brochures are simple to share and yield measurable results.  With one-click social media sharing, you can quickly and effectively target not just a wider audience but the right audience. We make it easy to properly promote your property on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other leading networks.

Did you know that homebuyers spend just 30 seconds browsing a typical online realty listing? STUDEO’s digital brochures get 4-6 minutes of attention. Tracking engagement is simple thanks to our revealing reports.  Now you can easily measure not only unique visitors, but also their level of interactivity.  Get the big picture with handy charts and heat maps.  STUDEO will help you quantify success in real time.