To share on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, simply provide the link to the branded storybook in the text entry box, and add in any other text you'd like in the post.

For sharing via sites such as Instagram that lack a text entry submission method, you can use the Loom extension on Google Chrome, or a screenshot/screen-capture video to post the book, and provide a link to your listings in your user bio.

As well, you can post a property on your instagram story and use the new "link sticker" feature to embed your storybook url in your instagram story, connecting your audience directly to your storybooks!

Pinterest can be done with a screenshot or screen-capture as well, and you can add a link to the post that will take users direct to the storybook online!

Facebook and many other platforms provide a free-to use share link preview tool:




You can use that tool to check how your storybooks will look when shared on facebook, and other platforms have similar tools.

The best way to ensure you have a good image in place for your sharing image preview on social media, You'll want to have a base image in place for the cover page of your project, and its best to ensure you're using a slideshow as your interactive feature, or just a flat base image.

Examples of Embed Image and Share image
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