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Using Videos and Cinemagraphs in Storybooks
Using Videos and Cinemagraphs in Storybooks

Training on how to upload, embed, add and change the videos and cinemagraphs in your storybooks and presentations

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Any image slot in your storybook template that features a magic wand in the top left corner is a candidate for interactive media.

There are two types of videos that can be integrated into a Studeo storybook.

The first type is a standard video, to add a video, click the “Select the type of Interactivity” button when hovering over an image within your storybook. Click on "video" and proceed to upload a video. Videos can be brought in from Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, or by using a direct upload from your computer's files. You may set the video to auto-play with its audio muted when playing (but can be turned on by the viewer) or to have it play when clicked, without having the audio muted.

(Please note that as of October 15th 2021, Youtube is no longer an option for video placement in storybooks)

The second type of video is called a cinemagraph. While cinemagraphs are technically video files, you can think about cinemagraphs more like moving photographs. They are moments in time that come to life to create an experience or highlight something important within a chapter of your storybook. Cinemagraphs loop endlessly and don’t require the end user to hit a play button.

To add either a video or a cinemagraph, click the “Select the type of Interactivity” button when hovering over an image within your storybook. Feel free to choose a cinemagraph from our stock library or input a source URL into the window, upload from your local files, or connect to Google drive and dropbox directly. For links from Google Drive, be sure the video file is under 100MB as Google imposes a restriction on this.

Please note that there is a 500MB restriction on files uploaded from your computer. There is also no restriction on how long the video is as long as it is under 500MB. If your file is unable to be uploaded, please get in touch with CustomerCare via the in-app chat to see how we may be able to assist you.

Please note that if you are using a print-capable template, you will need to place a base image into the interactive spot before accessing the interactive features options.

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