Live Previews in the Design Wizard

An explanation of how to see your storybooks and changes before submitting or updating your project

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If you ever want to see what your storybooks and other projects will look like before you publish them, or if you want to see how your edit will affect a storybook before you update it, we have you covered!

With the new Live Preview available on all projects, you can see what your storybooks will look like and how interactive features will function when submitted or updated, without needing to publish your projects first!

As well, by using the controls at the top of the preview, you'll be able to see the:

  • Branded Desktop Storybook

  • Unbranded Desktop Storybook

  • Branded Mobile Storybook

  • Unbranded Mobile Storybook

To use the Live Preview, simply open the Design Wizard (Step 2) for any project in your account, and click on the "Preview Storybook" button available on the top-right of the page of the storybook you're viewing.

  • You'll be able to see all pages of the storybook, and will always return to the page you were editing in the Design Wizard

  • You'll be able to see the Branded, Unbranded, and Mobile versions of any project you create

  • Your preview always begins on the page you were looking at in the Design Wizard

  • Videos may look slightly different in the preview version compared to the final version, but if the wrong video appears in the preview or it is not cropped how you expect it to be, please let CustomerCare know

If you have any questions about Live Previews, be sure to contact CustomerCare through the live chat on the bottom right or via email at!

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