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Adding hyperlinks to your text in Storybooks
Adding hyperlinks to your text in Storybooks

Adding links to text anywhere in your storybook

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Hyperlinking throughout your Storybooks

If you have a URL that you'd like to send your audience to either after or during the viewing of your Storybooks and Presentations, we have several methods we recommend for placing links into Storybooks.

The recommended types of links you would want to put throughout the text in your storybook would be:

  • Links specific to this property, listing or presentation's purpose

  • Additional links to other media that may not be able to be embedded into a Storybook

  • Links to other storybooks or information about the area around the listing

  • Links to part websites or charitable causes you mention in buyer/seller presentations or recruitment presentations

Hyperlinking in your Text

Direct Hyperlink Placement

You can also hyperlink any of the text in your storybook, by simply typing in the link! on the live version of the storybook, or in the live preview, that section of the text will be automatically hyperlinked by our system. Our advice: Bold, Italicize, or otherwise highlight the link to ensure your audience sees it!

The general requirements to get a link added automatically are to type out a URL that:

  • Begins with

    • https

    • http

    • www.

  • Ends with

    • .com

    • .ca

Indirect Hyperlink Placement

If you have a section of text you want to be a link, such as "Click Here" or "Get In Touch With Us!" without having to put the link into the text, you can do so through the text editor in the design wizard.

Simply click on the text area you want to link, highlight the text, and put in the link you would like the text to take you to. It will be highlighted with the colour of your header text as setup in your account's branding.

Hyperlinking from "My Profile"

From the "My Profile" link on the left of the dashboard, you can set up a link that will appear as part of your personal information on the back of your Storybook.

Location of link to add to your profile information

This method is best used for links you always wants your audience to have access to, on most if not all your projects, such as:

  • Links to a Contact form, or lead qualification page

  • Links to more information about yourself, your team, or your business

  • A link to your Studeo Shelf of active listings

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