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Text Editing Options

What Options Exist for Styling and Editing Text in your Storybooks

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When editing text within the Studeo Design Wizard, there are a few familiar options you can use to add emphasis and style to your text:

Bold Text
• Italic Text

• Underlined Text
• Combining them for any combination of Bold, Italic or Underlined Text

• Bullet point text, automatically adding bullet points with each line of text

• Text Justification, for aligning your text to the left, right, center, or full justification

• Changing the text colour to any branding colours you have available on your account

• Hyperlinking your text to lead to any URL or Hosted File online (Will automatically underline your text)

Your specific font family can be changed by your subscription's administrators.

One quick bonus tip: You can shift some text areas up and down the page by using the enter or return key to add in line breaks above or within the text!

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