To create a slideshow in your storybook, find an interactive space that you wish to place the slideshow into (these are indicated by the magic wand in the top left corner of the slot). From there, mouse-over the image, and select the magic wand button that appears at the bottom called “Select Interactivity”. A menu window will appear, and click slideshow from the list of options, and save via the checkmark on the upper right corner. Please note that if you are using a print-capable template, you will need to place a base image into the interactive spot before accessing the interactive features options.

From there, a second window will appear, showing the option to select the images for your slideshow and the checkbox for auto playing the slideshow in the storybook. Click on “Select Images for slideshow” to continue.

Select all the images you would like to see appear in your slideshow. Images with a Green check-mark on them are ones that have already been selected for use elsewhere in the storybook, but can be used as many times as you’d like. Click the checkmark button on the top-right to proceed.

Finally, you can rearrange the order your slideshow plays in, crop specific images to the view you’d prefer, and delete images from the slideshow (they will remain in the project gallery).

Once you’re all ready, decide on if you’d like the slideshow to autoplay or not, and then click the checkmark on the top-right to save the slideshow.

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